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300 Local Citations that will get your business in the Maps!

Citation Vault

Citation Vault was born out of pure necessity. As local marketers, one of the biggest struggles, and a very necessary evil, is building local citations.  A Local Citation is the mention of your business name, address, and phone number on a website.  They are a vital part of Local SEO and your business showing up in Google Maps.  You want your business information to be correct across the web as it signals Google that you are who you say you are.  There are plenty of services to out source this to but they have varying results and prices.     

Local Citation Prices

Pricing for Local Citations can be anywhere from $1 to $6+ each when outsourcing this work to different companies around the web.  So for 300 citations that could be $300 to $1,800 which is a decent chunk of change.  There are other services like Yext that allow you to manage your local listings from one dashboard.  That seems like a great deal right, but their service only includes 80 websites that they do not control.  

BOOM... Citation Vault is Born!

We decided that since no one offered what we wanted, we would just build it.  So, we built a massive network of 300 websites.  This is where your business listings will live.

Our network of sites was built with one thing in mind… Local SEO.  We were sick and tired of watching our hard work of building local citations disappear as websites went down or they fell out of Google’s Index because it was considered duplicate content. 

Built For Local SEO

300 Citations

Your business profile goes live on all 300 of our sites.  

Map Embeds

Embedding your Google My Business Map helps your Local SEO efforts and your business to show up in Google Maps.

Unique Content

We run your business description through a several “content spinners” to ensure all 300 are unique.

Photo Galleries

Upload logos and pictures. 

Social Profiles

Include your social profiles on all your business listings.  

Embedded Reviews

Linking to and embedding your reviews is a great way to power up your GMB Listing.

Citation Vault

Citation Vault

There are only a few steps before we have your business listing live across the web.

Step 1

Sign Up With Us

We have 3 easy payment options with no contracts.  

Step 1

Step 2

Fill out your profile

We have one simple form you fill out then upload some pictures and paste in your map embed code.  Whole process takes about 6 minutes (For most folks – don’t feel bad if it takes longer)  

Step 2

You're all done

Wait for it…

You’re actually already done, our system handles everything from here.  

You're all done

What if you need to update your information?

Making changes

You can add pictures or change anything in your business profile. Just log in to the our single control panel and make your changes and hit submit.  When you’re done, our system updates all 300 websites for you.  

What if you need to update your information?

Payment options


Monthly Price
$ 49 Per Month

2 Months Free!

Annual Price
$ 499 Per Year

1 Month FREE

Quarterly Pricing
$ 135 Per Quarter

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