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Citation Vault was born out of pure necessity. As local marketers, one of the biggest struggles, and a very necessary evil, is building local citations.  A Local Citation is the mention of your business name, address, and phone number on a website.  They are a vital part of Local SEO and your business showing up in Google Maps.  You want your business information to be correct across the web as it signals Google that you are who you say you are.  There are plenty of services to outsource this to but they have varying results and prices.     

Local Citation Prices

Pricing for Local Citations can be anywhere from $1 to $6+ each when outsourcing this work to different companies around the web.  So for 300 citations that could be $300 to $1,800 which is a decent chunk of change.  There are other services like Yext that allow you to manage your local listings from one dashboard.  That seems like a great deal right, but their service only includes 80 websites that they do not control. 

BOOM... Citation Vault is Born!

We decided that since no one offered what we wanted, we would just build it.  So, we built a massive network of 300 websites.  This is where your business listings will live.

Our network of sites was built with one thing in mind… Local SEO.  We were sick and tired of watching our hard work of building local citations disappear as websites went down or they fell out of Google’s Index because it was considered duplicate content. 

And Built For Local SEO

what you get with citation vault

300 Local Citations

Your business profile goes live on all 300 of our sites.  

Google Map Embeds

Embedding your Google My Business Map helps your Local SEO efforts and your business to show up in Google Maps.

Unique Content

Our platform rewrites your business description on every one of our sites to ensure all 300 are unique.

Relevant Backlinks

Our custom URL structure includes your GMB Category, City, and Business Name for extremely relevant backlinks.  

Social Profiles

Include your social profiles on all your business listings.  


All individual profile pages are built with Schema so there is no mistake to search engines Name, Address, Phone Number, and more. 

Citation Vault

Citation Vault's Mission

To Help Agencies Scale With Automated Local Citations And Stellar Local SEO Results

What Our Clients Are Saying

Dennis Scoby



Fantastic software. Very simple to use and extremely effective in providing citations for my customer. Thanks Andy for offering this to the business world. It certainly needs it.

Peach Creek Marketing

Peach Creek Marketing

Love it! We have been using Citation Vault for a short time and have seen big improvements with this service. We will continue to use it for all of our clients citation listings. Thanks Andy for your service.

Frankie B



Great service and first class follow up and support. Any questions are always responded to quickly.

Anne S



I used Citation Vault on my GMB and had it go into the map-pack in about 3 weeks. This is a great product, and so easy to use.

Royce W



Excellent citations. Highly recommend the service for anyone looking to add Authority to their online presence.

Leira B



I had spent a lot of money and tried multiple services including managed service from TheHOTH to do my local SEO with no luck. I'm so happy to I found Citation Vault. The setup is so simple and fast and very satisfied with the results. I highly recommend this service if you truly want to see results!

MIchael G



We are very encouraged by our increased internet leads since we partnered with Citation Vault to enhance our internet presence. Citation Vault offers a product that is a great value for results we are experiencing.

Katie A



So quick and easy to set up business listings on the citation vault!

It's Easy To Use Citation Vault

Step 1

Sign Up With Us

We have 3 easy payment options with no contracts.  

Step 1

Step 2

Fill out your profile

We have one simple form you fill out then paste in your Google Map embed code.  Whole process takes about 6 minutes (For most folks – don’t feel bad if it takes longer)  

Step 2

You're all done

Wait for it…

You’re actually already done, our system handles everything from here.  

You're all done

What if you need to update your information?

Making changes

You can add or change anything in your business profile. Just log in to the our single control panel and make your changes and hit submit.  When you’re done, our system updates all 300 websites for you.  

What if you need to update your information?

With Citation Vault, You'll Get:

300 Local Citations

Citation Vault creates 300 local citations, individual unique business descriptions, custom URL structures for the most relevant backlinks, embedded Google My Business Maps, links to your social media accounts, and Schema on all profile pages so search engines know your this is a structured citation with your Name, Address, and Phone Number.

Relevant Backlinks

300 Super Relevant Branded Backlinks with City, GMB Category, and Business Name in the URL.  We’ve seen brand new websites rank in Google Maps for their business name in a matter of days.  

Social Media Links

300 Backlinks pointing to your favorite Social Media Profiles.  Listing your business on Citation Vault is an easy way to get your social media profiles found in a hurry.  

Social Media

What Our Clients Are Saying

Choice Exposure Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

Great question, $197 per month and you get unlimited locations that can be added to your account, or pay $1997 per year and get 2 months FREE!

You can list a single business location for $49 per month or $490

Contrary to popular belief, you don't need to be.  We handle EVERYTHING so you only need to fill in a single form per location.  

Citation Vault is a subscription service so when you cancel, we remove your listing from our network.  BUT - Unlike other providers, we do not touch any of your existing citations.  

We built Citation Vault to provide the most Local SEO value that is available anywhere in the world.  

If you only add a client every other week, it works out to be about the same amount of money to use Citation Vault. 

The difference is 100% of your Citations stay live, you'll actually increase your maps rankings, and you can add UNLIMITED clients to Citation Vault. 

Our clients start seeing results typically after 7-10 business days.

If You can get a Google My Business in your Country, then Citation Vault will work there.  

Our system should have all citations live within 2-1/2 minutes.  Sometimes we roll out major updates which can cause a short delay.  If that happens just shoot an email over to

You fill out a single form with your business information, we send that information to our 300 business listing websites.  Any time you make a change or update, we update your listings for you.  

  • Each Profile page has built in Schema 
  • Backlinks from the most relevant pages for Local SEO
  • Google My Business Map Embedded into profile pages

Citation Vault owns all three hundred of our directories.  We bought 300 Brand New domains to avoid any spam.  These are not PBNs or expired domains.

We do not put your information on ANY 3rd party directories. 

No, believe it or not we happily accept video testimonials from people with beautiful heads of hair.

Local Listings That Will Get You On The Map! Citation Vault Creates 300:

Local Citations including Name, Address, and Phone Number

Relevant Backlinks with Company Name, City, and GMB Category included in the URL

Unique business descriptions to avoid duplicate content and Google filtering

Links to your favorite social media profiles

You can get amazing Local SEO results with just getting your location listed on Citation Vault

Membership Options

Per Location
Unlimited Locations

Choose your plan

Single Location Plan Pricing Is Per Location.  At 4 Locations becomes  better to have the Unlimited Agency Plan

Basic Plan

Monthly Price
$ 49 per Location

2 Months Free!

Annual Price
$ 499 Per Location

Need More Information?

We are happy to send you more info

Our Customers Trust Us

Citation Vault

Citation Vault

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