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Getting Started

When you log into Citation Vault you’re directed to your Dashboard.  If you want to add your first location Click ADD LOCATION.  This opens our form for you to enter the business details.  

Below is a description of what every form field means.

We’ve tried to include most of the questions we get on our FAQs Page.

Getting Started
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Video Walkthrough Of Adding a location

Form Fields and Descriptions

Categories describe your business and connect you to customers who search for the products or services you offer.

For example, if your primary category is “Pizza restaurant,” Google may show your business in someone’s local search results when they search for “Restaurants,” “Italian restaurants” which would be your secondary, and additional categories.  

We know that this seems like common sense, but Your business name needs to be the same across the web.  Since we did “Citation Vault” everywhere online and not “Citation Vault llc” That is what we used for our listings.  

A Tagline represents a short description of your business.

At Citation Vault we used: 300 Local Citations | Business Listings That Matter


Your Business Description should highlight what makes your business unique. You can use this field to provide useful information on services and products offered, as well as the mission and history of your business. You don’t need a long article here… 300 words max get the job done nicely. 

You should be clear and concise, focusing on content that is relevant and useful to your customers to understand your business. 

Our platform will take your business description and rewrite it for each of the websites in our network.  This ensures Unique Content.  

First, choose your time zone.  Then if the business is open 24 hours, check that box and the days that they are open.  Otherwise, simply pick the days and hours that the business is open.  It is important that your hours of operation are consistent everywhere online.  

It does not matter what size or shape your logo is, our only limitation is the size cannot be larger than 1MB.  

If your image is too large, here is a quick google search that will help: image resize online

Address Information

This is your street address.  Remember that it needs to be consistent.  

When you click on the city field, there is a giant list that pops up to choose from… If you start typing the first couple of letters of your city, it will pull up.  

Please choose your state from the drop down

Enter your Zip Code


This is your business phone number.  Remember that it needs to be consistent.  

Since there will be 300 Backlinks generated from our network it is best to use what’s called a Naked URL.  So for Citation Vault:

You want to include HTTPS:// 

Grab a link to the Facebook Page for your business.  Please use the entire link – here’s ours as an example:

Grab a link to the Instagram Page for your business.  Please use the entire link – here’s ours as an example:

Enter your Business Twitter URL

Our’s for example

Enter a link to your Youtube channel, or a link to a video that your business wants to promote on Youtube

Ours for example

Grab a link to the LinkedIn Page for your business.  Please use the entire link – here’s ours as an example:

This is one of the most powerful features of Citation Vault.  The ability to embed your Google My Business Map.  

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