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Family Tradition Sport Fishing – Fort Lauderdale

Welcome to Family Tradition Sportfishing: Fort Lauderdale’s Premier Fishing Charter

Welcome to Family Tradition Sportfishing, where the seas of South Florida bring you a wealth of marine-life experiences. This remarkable fishing charter is the fruit of a valuable partnership between Bill Quinn, an experienced Buffalo fisherman, and Captain Richard Fairbanks, a world-class fisherman and a respected authority in sport fishing. With a rich experience spanning 35 breathtaking years, Captain Fairbanks is your go-to guide for an unparalleled adventure in fishing.

The Fruitful Genesis of Family Tradition Sportfishing

Family Tradition Sportfishing was inaugurated in 2022, born out of the shared passion between two long-time fishing companions. After two decades of memorable fishing experiences together, Bill Quinn took the significant step of owning his boat. However, the journey would not be complete without his trusted friend and guide, Captain Richard Fairbanks.

The long-standing bond between Quinn and Fairbanks is far more than camaraderie. It reflects a shared love and respect for the ocean and everything that it carries. With the birth of Family Tradition Sportfishing, their commitment turned towards sharing these precious moments with other fishing lovers, offering them a taste of signature South Florida fishing experiences.

Captain Richard Fairbanks: A Legacy of Supreme Talent

Captain Richard Fairbanks' story is an inspiring journey of sailing across seas and catching the marvels hidden beneath the waves. Following the footsteps of his father, Captain John Fairbanks, Richard dived into the world of fishing at a humble age.

Over the years, he has mastered the art and skill of sport fishing. His incredible ability to feel a change in the breeze or spot a ripple in the water surface are testimonials of his exceptional talent. He brings these extraordinary skills to every fishing expedition aboard the mighty vessel Freebird.

The Freebird: Your Vessel for the Unforgettable Fishing Experience

Freebird is not just a boat. It's a state-of-the-art, 39-foot Yellowfin center console that offers the most comfortable and satisfying experience for all fishing tours. With new, top-tier, tournament-grade fishing equipment onboard, Freebird is also a fishing aficionado's dream.

When aboard the Freebird, it's not just about the wrestling game with the marlins or the thrill of hooking a magnificent shark; it’s about being part of captivating stories and unforgettable experiences. Unique catches, anecdotes that feed sport fishing folklore, and laughter that resonates across the calm South Florida seas, Family Tradition Sportfishing is an experience unlike any other.

In Conclusion

Family Tradition Sportfishing is a testament to the love and respect for fishing passed down from generation to generation. It represents a long-standing tradition of fishing excellence, spearheaded by world-class fishermen and facilitated by cutting-edge equipment.

So come aboard and embark on a captivating journey across the beautiful waters of Fort Lauderdale, discovering the thrill and joy of fishing under the guidance of the best in the business. Experience Family Tradition Sportfishing and make splendid stories on the high seas!

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Family Tradition Sport Fishing - Fort Lauderdale

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Family Tradition Sport Fishing – Fort Lauderdale

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