SEO Local Citations

SEO Local Citations

SEO local citations are mentions of a business on the web — specifically mentions that reference a physical location for a business. These citations help users discover local businesses through search, based on proximity. Online citations include the business name, address, phone number, and sometimes (though not always) a link to a website. Local citations occur on websites, apps, social platforms, and local directories. Search engine optimization (SEO) citations can be actively managed alongside other SEO strategies like link building and content creation to ensure data accuracy and its impact on local search engine rankings. There are plenty of ways to update your listings, but instead of spending hundreds of hours a year manually updating your listings, the easiest way is to do it with Citation Vault. Contact us today and see why most businesses have zero problems getting traffic from citations with our work!

What are citations in SEO

Citations in SEO are an online reference to a business that features the business’ name, address, and phone number (NAP). Typically, when an SEO refers to citations, they are talking about a group of individual business listings on various sites. Most citations take the form of an online business directory, but other types of citations exist. While the minimum amount of information required for most citations is just a name, address, and phone number, most websites offer many more opportunities to add additional information.

What is a local citation?

In simple terms, local citations in SEO are references and information pertaining to a business. This would include basic details, such as information about the nature of business, the location, and contact details. The most important information about a business is the name, address, and phone number or contact information (NAP). Information regarding the operational timings, maps location, website, etc. can also be added while citation building.  You can also incorporate business categories, terms of payment, images, and videos as well while you’re building your local citation.

Local search citations

When someone conducts a local search, this is a sign that they are getting ready to purchase a product or service. If you are able to attract visitors through local searches, you may find that your conversion rates go up. Therefore, you can generate greater returns on your marketing investments. Therefore, if you want to put local citations to work for you, you need to find locations where your business is already listed. Check a few common online directories. There may be a problem for you to claim that listing. If so, claim that listing and make sure it is accurate. Remember that your phone number, address, or even the name of your business could change from time to time. If any of this information changes, you need to update it regularly.

Local business citations

Citation Vault can help you manage your local citation listings across numerous directories and ensure that search engines see the correct information regarding your business name, address, phone number, and website. Our platform enables us to coordinate and correct your listings within a diverse network of major directories such as Google My Business. We help you take control of how your customers view you online, how you build your business’ brand, and how your business drives more online and offline traffic.

Google local citations

Google uses local SEO to find businesses with appropriate location information. Googles crawlers use their web browser to check if your information has been verified from other sites. If you post something on Google My Business then you will have more chances to appear anywhere. Get even more SEO benefits from your directory listings by adding more beneficial details, including hours of operation, a brief description of your business, and what you offer. 

How do local citations help your business?

Business citations are important because they provide signals to search engines. Remember that the goal of search engines is to provide results that are most relevant to the needs of their users. If your business is widely mentioned in your local area, this is an indication that your business is strong, thriving, and trustworthy. As a result, local citations play an important role in your search engine optimization campaign as well as your website rankings. The reality is that you want your business to be found. As a result, you want it to show up in local searches. This means that search engines need to have all the information they need about your company, so it is properly displayed in the right local searches. That is where local citations are important. 

Use Local Citation Services To Help You Stay Ahead

You have a lot to do on a daily basis. You do not have time to continually crawl online directories to make sure that your business listings are accurate. That is where local citation services can be helpful. There are convenient software programs that can help you go through the process of citation building. Citations are critical to The credibility of your business. If you are able to expand your business citations, your search engine rankings will improve because search engines will believe your website is trustworthy, reliable, and thriving.


Industry-Specific Platform. This platform recognizes your business in the right category. Examples include websites of professional associations or the chamber of commerce.

The Wider Web. You can create additional citations in an extensive range of publications, such as maps, blogs, and news sites.

Major Local Business Data Platform. This is the most important platform to build your local business citations. This includes Google My Business, Acxiom, and Neustar. You can also take advantage of review-oriented sites like Yelp.

Yes. Local citations are great for SEO because they provide consistent data across the internet. Having your business information spread across a magnitude of local business directories means that internet users will be able to find your business, particularly for local search rankings.

A local citation is any mention of your business on the web; it is any combination of your company name, phone number, address, zip or postal code, and website address. Citations in SEO are a key factor in improving your local search results.

Local citation service helps to grow your business and brand presence across the Internet. Local citations are any online mention of the name, address, and phone number of a local business. On different websites such as local business listing directories, websites, social platforms.

There’s no standard answer to this question. Your goal should be to accrue enough high-quality citations to surpass your competitors, both in local search rankings and in your overall visibility across the web.

The best local citations should always include your business’ name, address, and phone number (NAP). It can also contain a link to a particular page of your website.

When it comes to local citations, these are mentions of your business on other websites. For example, if your business is listed on the digital Yellow Pages, that counts as a citation. If your business is listed in an online newspaper article, that also counts as a citation.

Global citation score provides the citation frequency based on the full web of science count at the time the data was downloaded meanwhile a local citation is any online mention of the name, address, and phone number of a local business.

Building citations as part of your local search strategy has always been an important element in creating your foundation for local SEO.

Citations can occur on local business directories, on websites and apps, and on social platforms. Citations help Internet users to discover local businesses and can also impact local search engine rankings.

Because local citations really only work in your favor if all of the data about your company is accurate. This is where good local citation management comes in.

Review websites. Reviews are one of the ranking factors that search engines take into account when examining your website authority and can be a valuable source for citations.

Social media. A social media account provides an opportunity for citations. Therefore, set up several social media accounts for your business and ensure your NAP is correct.

Submit to popular industry and local sites. Once done with the basic citation listings, the next step is to leverage industry-specific citation opportunities. For example, if you are a lawyer, then make sure you are on If you run a hotel, then you should be on TripAdvisor.

Use Google. Go to Google and search for things like [location] business directory, [industry] business listings. Once you find possible websites to submit to, use your best judgment to identify those that are worth it.

A local citation is important in business as they help users discover new businesses and also impacts the search results rankings. 

Yes, business listings can definitely help with SEO. If Google sees that your business is listed on popular directories for your city, they will be more likely to rank your business higher than those who do not.

Local citations benefit your business by telling Google where you are located and some info on your business that can affirm what it learns from your page. Also, citations are links to your business which helps by showing that others have some interest in your business.

When creating a local citation it is important to fill out three pieces of crucial information about your company/business:

Name – This should ideally be your branded trading name.

Address – This should be consistent with the address on your website.

Phone number – This should match the number given on your own website.

What is a Google Local citation?

A local citation from Google would represent a business listing through their Google My Business profiles, as well as listings on their GPS map app, Waze. Google gets the most views and visitors and is the most authoritative business directory on the web.

In local search engine optimization (SEO), citations are mentions of your business’s name, address, and phone number (commonly referred to as NAP) on a website that isn’t your own.

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Fantastic software. Very simple to use and extremely effective in providing citations for my customer. Thanks Andy for offering this to the business world. It certainly needs it.
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Love it! We have been using Citation Vault for a short time and have seen big improvements with this service. We will continue to use it for all of our clients citation listings. Thanks Andy for your service.
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I used Citation Vault on my GMB and had it go into the map-pack in about 3 weeks. This is a great product, and so easy to use.
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Excellent citations. Highly recommend the service for anyone looking to add Authority to their online presence.
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I had spent a lot of money and tried multiple services including managed service from TheHOTH to do my local SEO with no luck. I'm so happy to I found Citation Vault. The setup is so simple and fast and very satisfied with the results. I highly recommend this service if you truly want to see results!
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We are very encouraged by our increased internet leads since we partnered with Citation Vault to enhance our internet presence. Citation Vault offers a product that is a great value for results we are experiencing.
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So quick and easy to set up business listings on the citation vault!
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We have used Citation Vault for our Local Citations for several months now. It's a GREAT service and really helps all of our customers rank higher in local search. Thanks Citation Vault.

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