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Citation Vault was born out of pure necessity. As local marketers, one of the biggest struggles, and a very necessary evil, is building local citations. A Local Citation is the mention of your business name, address, and phone number on a website.
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Local Citation Building

Local Citation Building

Local Citation Building

As one of the significant ranking aspects that help search engines assess sites, citations are helpful to local companies hoping to get more exposure online. A local citation is any reference of a business, typically followed by the address and phone number (NAP), on external links. An instance could be a commercial enterprise listing on Yelp.

Search engines utilize citations to monitor how frequently a business is cited online. Companies with more significant citations are deemed as more important and in-demand and may consequently be ranked better in SERPs.

A higher rating also signifies improved visibility in local search results, so even citations that do not have backlinks can promote traffic and improve local exposure.

Citations also help a business earn the trust of search tools and clients alike. Consistent local citations enable search engines to confirm that the business information is accurate, and mentions of a company in high-authority sites propose the promote the business to customers.

Where to Get Local Citations

There are plenty of websites that serve as citation sources for local businesses. In addition, companies need to publish listings to various well-known, reliable sources when creating a strong internet presence, including data aggregators, review sites, business directories, and social media platforms.

Recommended Sources:

Data Aggregators – These data aggregators acquire and distribute business data online. In addition, as a source of data for several search engines and directories, data aggregators are considered the driving force in the online business world.

Local Directories – Several local directories get listings from information obtained from data aggregators. New businesses need to create consistent listings to directories and confirm NAP data on every listing that appears.

Review Websites– Either location-based or industry-related review pages can give citations if the exact address and phone number are indexed along with the company name. Customer reviews also are a valuable rating element taken into consideration by search engines.

Social Media Platforms – After improving consumer engagement, social media accounts offer a possibility for citations. Ensure that the address, contact details, and website indicated on the business’ Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are correct and complete. For visually-driven companies, a presence on Youtube, Instagram, and Pinterest also can offer citation sources. Do you want more information on citations? Contact us today at Citation Vault, and our experts will be on standby to answer your questions and concerns.

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What is Local Citation Building?

Citation building is a powerful means to boost local search engine optimization. It will help you drive more Google results and encourage traffic to your site. All of this will be accomplished with a few easy steps; here is how you could do it:

Local citation building begins with a company’s reference online, without or with a hyperlink returning to that business’ site. For local companies, a citation is commonly followed by the company name, address, and phone number, or in short, N-A-P: name, address, phone. In addition, a Citation may include:

Along with standard hyperlinks redirecting to the company site and reviews about the business, citations are the number one component that Google utilizes to figure out how to rank that business in its search results.

One of the great benefits of citation is that it no longer requires a backlink to the company site. For instance, Google can perceive that the chamber of commerce’s list on the web page is about the particular business, simply because the address or phone number is similar to what they have got in its records. Apart from Google passing alongside search engine optimization value, the better high-satisfactory sites listing the business data, the more individuals will discover it. Thus, the more individual who will reach out to the company.

Now, those listings do not need to come simply from blogs and directories. The local citation building also can benefit from receiving citations on press releases, forums, social media, video descriptions, question and answer web pages, or even photo tags. Rather than concentrating on quantity, place your efforts into quality. A citation on a government website is far greater than a random site created to build hyperlinks. Reach out to sites that could gain from listing your company. A citation may seem like a small detail; however, it’ll place you in advance of the curve while delivered to all your other search engine optimization efforts.

Local citation building is effective, but it could be time-consuming. Let us handle it for you. We can create your business listings in 300 high-quality sites so you can expect a boost in your Google rankings. Contact us today.

Where Can I Get Local Citations?

More local Citations — provided that they are correct and showing up on legitimate sources — can also offer a considerable increase to your local search engine optimization efforts. Most in your control are structured citations, which can be created from values put into information fields. On most occasions, these may be edited and claimed if not produced from scratch. Finish them to the fullest quantity possible and guarantee they are similar in all present citations. Aside from the information cited above aggregators and vast directories such as Yelp, constructing citations inside the area of interest or enterprise directories can also have the best effect on your local search rankings.

Again, that is due to matching, or relevant search queries more correctly. Although you’ve got much less control over unstructured citations, they must not be disregarded either. Unstructured citations appear in much less formalized settings like social media posts, blogs, and newspaper web pages; however, they are mentioned by many users. Capitalize on possibilities to get your data accessible through hyperlinks and mentions on relevant web pages. Accomplished correctly, this may establish even greater trust with Google and different search engines.

Start on the source

As we included before, Google My Business is Google’s go-to source for data while returning Google Maps and Google Searches results. So a solid, engaging, and up-to-date GMB listing could make a world of difference in your local search visibility. We at Citation Vault can handle each element of this for you; it does all of the jobs simultaneously as you achieve all of the benefits.

Local Citation Building
Local Citation Building

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Do Local Citations Help with search engine optimization?

Search engines reward companies with consistent and accurate listings throughout directories with higher favorable search results. But, if your business listings are not compatible, you can lose customers or make it challenging for clients to even reach out to you. Google and different search engines like Yahoo use the information they’ve gathered about your company to decide your rank. A considerable amount of correct citations on high-quality sites pushes Google to believe the information it carries about your business. The more locations you show, the more often you appear in search results. And ratings are a large reputation contest, basically, so it offers you a lift in the rankings. If your competition has lesser local citations in business directories than you do, this will grant you a great advantage.

Constructing citations is a tedious process – it is vital to save time to do it properly. We at Citation Vault can take this essential advertising venture off your plate so that you can concentrate on handling your business. By growing and updating your citations, it allows you to enhance your local authority in Google. We discover appropriate listing sites in your area of interest and the most effective ones as a way to improve your natural search results. Reach out to us today at Citation Vault and discover how we can grow your business.

Where Do You Build Citations?

When it involves creating local citations, there are numerous sites and structures to listing your company information. Here are a number of the essential websites to utilize:

1) Google is the First preference:

Google is an inherently local business asset that several local search engine optimization professionals do not term it as a “citation.” It sticks out as a different class in the local search engine optimization citation constructing tool. Google My Business list is the most vital list to expand and control well. Google’s domination of the local search enterprise grants your listing there especially valuable.

2) Core Structured Citations

Local business directories, search engines, and apps provide a particular form for constructing out listings. First, there may be a core set of excellent structures on which almost any local enterprise can get indexed. Apple Maps, Acxiom, Bing, Citygrid, Foursquare, Factual, Infogroup/ExpressUpdate, Localeze. Superpages,, Manta, Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor, MerchantCircle, Yahoo!, Yelp, YP. At the least, every local company desires to make and control a correct list on all the above pages, guaranteeing that they do not have similar listings on one of them. In addition, a few core citations are unfastened, while others are both paid or provide unfastened and paid listings.

3) Geo- and Industry-specific Platforms

Depending on your niche and the physical vicinity of your company, different platforms can also provide opportunities for constructing more significant high-value established citations. Chamber of trade web pages, local company associations, and network hubs provide locations to get listed, particularly the geography you serve.

4) Unstructured Citations

An unstructured citation takes place on any internet site or app that is not established explicitly to publish local enterprise listings. For instance, mentions in a news page, a blog, or a social media platform serve as a citation to your company, much like a structured citation. You can construct unstructured citations with the aid of using editorials or different material to newspapers, appearing on blogs, sponsoring corporations or events, or accomplishing social media campaigns. Furthermore, you could earn voluntary mentions of your company by producing creative content, being newsworthy, or just being famous.

If you need help with citation building, we’re here for you. Reach out to us today!

How to Get Started with Citation Building

SEO citation building is essential. So, how do you do that? To construct proper citations, you need to send consistent, accurate, pertinent information about your company’s different listing directories. That way, both the search engines and probable customers know where, when, and how to discover your local business. If you have done building links for your company, the procedure of SEO citations is relatively identical. Earning citations expects a similar effort.

When website crawlers regularly discover links that lead to your business’s web page, they realize that your company is legitimate. Similar to citations. Web crawlers search across the web. Suppose they learn that your company is listed accurately, regularly, and consistently and in critical listing directories; they know that they can bank on your business. That will boost your search result rank.

Your business is not going to promote itself online. But we at Citation Vault could enhance your local visibility, so you can concentrate more on operating your business.

Our Local Search Engine Optimization program is about having your business discovered locally and guaranteeing that they will know what makes you unique from your rivals once people notice your business listing.

Why Go Further When You Can Reach Consumers Closest to You?

What makes our local business SEO program different from traditional SEO is that you can concentrate on potential clients inside a certain vicinity from the location of your company. Most clients are keying in more detailed searches when seeking specific services or products. You can benefit from that and direct them to your site by practical local SEO methods.

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Manage business details on local citation website in 3 simple steps

Citations link construction is crucial if you want to be more attainable for internet users. It’s an integral part of all local SEO strategies to entice and earn the trust of a local audience.

Boost Search Engine Ranking

Every company seeks to rank higher on Google to boost its sales. Online citations are a component of off-page SEO that builds a powerful image of your website.

Although you don’t get backlinks, Google inspects where you were cited and how those citations associate with the keywords you’re attempting to rank for.

Pertinent and quality citations in a reasonable quantity help you boost rankings on search engine result pages.

How to Build Local Citations?

First, it’s urged to take the assistance of professional service. Second, however, you must have a good knowledge of online citations, even as an entrepreneur.

Here is every type of citation to help you create a natural online profile of your company.

These are the primary type of citations you should construct. In addition, there are settings like Yelp and Google My Business where you can enroll your business.

These play the most crucial role in boosting search engine ranking and helping your business be more visible to customers.

That is how we at Citation Vault help businesses get favorable search rankings on various search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

We are a full-fledged link-building agency, servicing the digital marketing industry for years. To get citations fast and efficiently, first, you have to select a location, put your company information, finally, click submit! In 3 minutes, there will be over 300 local citations that have your business data.

It’s always nicer to have an expert like us deal with your link-building projects so that you can concentrate on other aspects of your company’s advancement.

We have the resources and team to provide quality citation-creating service at the most competitive prices. Reach out to us today.

Why should I create citations for my local company?

You’ve got a lot to do every day. So why should you mind creating relevant citations? Initially, this is crucial for your business’s credibility. Next, note that citations are significant because they allow search engines to understand that it is safe to rely on your firm.

Aside from search engines, local citations are crucial for customers as well. For instance, you may operate a house cleaning service business. Even though clients will conduct Google searches, they may go to several websites, like Angie’s List, to discover these services. If your site is listed on any of these directories, consumers may encounter it there too. Thus, citations are crucial not only for search engines but for your clients also.

Consistency Is Significant for Creating Local Citation

As you become occupied making citations, you need to ensure the information documented is valid over all directories. If the data listed is not credible, search engines and consumers will have trouble knowing where your company is located. Some of the critical information that you have to examine regularly includes:

If this data is not uniform, consumers and search engines will have trouble knowing where your business is located.

That may seem straightforward; however, your company could grow shortly. As your company improves, you may put new areas. Ultimately, all of these areas have to have its citation. That way, consumers and search engines do not get perplexed.

Local Citations Can Increase Your Conversion Rates

When someone performs a local search, this is an indication that they are getting prepared to purchase a service or product. Hence, if you can draw visitors using local searches, you may see that your conversion rates rise. Accordingly, you can produce greater returns on your marketing investments.

Utilize Local Citation Services to Assist You in Staying Ahead

You have a lot to do every day. Nonetheless, you do not have the time to constantly crawl online directories to guarantee that your business listings are valid. That is where local citation services like ours at Citation Vault can be beneficial. We can assist you in going through the building citation process. Citations are significant to the reliability of your company. If you can broaden your business citations, your search engine rankings will expand because search engines will assume your website is thriving, reliable, and trustworthy.

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Love it! We have been using Citation Vault for a short time and have seen big improvements with this service. We will continue to use it for all of our clients citation listings. Thanks Andy for your service.

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Excellent citations. Highly recommend the service for anyone looking to add Authority to their online presence.

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I had spent a lot of money and tried multiple services including managed service from TheHOTH to do my local SEO with no luck. I’m so happy to I found Citation Vault. The setup is so simple and fast and very satisfied with the results. I highly recommend this service if you truly want to see results!

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We are very encouraged by our increased internet leads since we partnered with Citation Vault to enhance our internet presence. Citation Vault offers a product that is a great value for results we are experiencing.

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So quick and easy to set up business listings on the citation vault!

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We have used Citation Vault for our Local Citations for several months now. It’s a GREAT service and really helps all of our customers rank higher in local search. Thanks Citation Vault.

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